Tresanti 47″ Adjustable Height Desk Review 2022- Should You Buy It?

Tresanti adjustable height desk featured

We’ve been working from home for two years, and you’re probably sick of several things. While you’re working, one of them may be sitting. Consider switching to a workstation with Tresanti 47″ Adjustable Height Desk that allows you to stand when you aren’t getting much exercise and helpful for efficient work

The adjustable desk may be an important component of any work-at-home arrangement. It allows you to sit someplace other than the sofa, is mobile for a change of scenery, and may even encourage you to go for a stroll.

Therefore, the bulk of the items on the “checklist” of what constitutes a superb adjustable desk must be checked. Everything needs to be just right, from the desktop design to the frame to the adaptability.

Tresanti 47

Perfect Adjustable Height desk

It’s critical to have a top that can be adjusted in height. Tresanti lets you move your displays and anything else from a sitting to a standing position. It is an ideal height-adjustable desk ranging from 29.4″ to 47″ for an average person.

Some standing desks are not adjustable, so you must entirely relocate your workstations when you wish to sit again.

Key Features of Tresanti 47″ Adjustable Height desk

Incredible Design and Build

A frosted glass finish is used on the desktop. The white option is a popular choice among most individuals. It’s breathtakingly gorgeous. The fact that the top is essentially a piece of glass means that dirt does not easily adhere to it. Some individuals even use the top as a chalkboard because of this ability. Regardless of the eraser you use, the marker stains come out easily.

Tresanti 47

Powder-coated aluminium is used for the frame. This also applies to the drawer, divided into three sections: one large one and two smaller ones. The drawer’s inside has a fibreboard bottom with a soft texture that makes it seem fuzzy to the touch.

The overall basic appearance of the theTresanti 47″ adjustable height desk is one of its most remarkable features with space-saving design. In fact, you get a compact desk dimension of 25.63 x 47.25 x 47 inches.

As a result, if you’re a minimalist, you’re in luck. Because there are few unnecessary elements on the desk, you can accomplish a lot with it. Also, a perfect suitable desk for a small room.

Wireless Charging and USB Points

Running out of battery is a huge issue nowadays. This Tresanti adjustable height desk features two 2.4 Amp USB charging ports and a desktop wireless charging station on the right side of the desk, allowing you to charge three devices simultaneously.

With USB charging, running out of battery may be a thing of the past. On the desk’s side, a computer wi-fi charging station and USB ports let you charge and run three devices simultaneously.

Ports are located on the right side for easy access, so you won’t have to look for a spot to plug your devices – moreover, you’ll save room on your wall or power strip by not having to put in a charger.

Cable Management System

When we have a desk for the workplace, certainly, the cable is one thing that irritates most while managing them.

On this desk, you get pre-attached cable management under the desktop surface hidden from the views. However, there is a single cord out that is the power cord of the motor.

Programmed Presets

Three USB charging connections are located on the side of the Costco Standing Desk. A button next to these ports locks the desk into place when you reach the appropriate height. As a result, if you mistakenly press the controls while working at the desk, the desk will not move needlessly.

To avoid wires becoming disconnected when the desk travels up and down, consider not just zip tying your cords but also utilizing longer cables to allow for greater mobility. Zip tying everything and only leaving the power wire is a huge assistance. As a result, everything would move up and down with the desk. Furthermore, it improves and cleans the appearance of your setup.

The desk is intended for one individual to utilize daily. If you require more workspace, you might put a second desk nearby. You might want to choose a desk with a top that compliments the Costco standing desk’s frosted white glass top to round things off. You’ll get what appears to be a continuous work surface that can accommodate numerous individuals. However, this strategy would need extensive preparation.

The desktop is nevertheless broad enough to hold additional small objects in addition to your monitors, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. Just make sure they’re well organized. In addition, the drawers provide additional storage space.

Quality and Durability

When we spend handsome money on a product, obviously, we expect to get good quality and high durable product.

Considering its thick metal frame and thick tempered glass surface, we can count Tresanti standing desk for its years of service without any issue. In addition to it, the motor works smoothly without any sound and shaking the desk.

Tresanti 47″ adjustable height desk is capable enough to load max 100lbs weight. However, We suggest not to put anything unnecessary to increase the load.

Two Color variant

Yes, you heard right, you don’t get many options in colors except black and white. However, the design with these two variant colors is perfect for a modern workspace.

Black and white are universal colors for a great theme workspace. With Black, you can create a dark theme setup and white is suitable for any theme idea. I have a white color variant desk.

Health Benefits of Tresanti 47″ Adjustable Height Desk

Standing desks are becoming the most often utilized workstations in the United States for health reasons. However, a nice adjustable height desk can set you back a couple of hundred dollars. Even if we exercise, we will not be able to counteract the detrimental consequences of sitting for lengthy periods.

And it is a truth that if you use it for almost two years, you will live longer. Keep in mind that you should only stand for a few hours every day. According to research, we may burn 340 calories every day by standing for two hours instead of sitting.

Advantage and Disadvantages

  • It checks all the boxes that I would look for at a standing desk.
  • The cool buttons are flush with the top of the desk.
  • On Costco’s website, the cheapest option for this desk style.
  • A drawer is built inside the desk.
  • It is rather light.
  • This item is 2 inches taller than the others on this list.
  • I wouldn’t say I like the glass desktop because I believe it will become dirty soon.
  • When you’re at work, that’s never enjoyable.

Customer Experience after using Tresanti 47″ Adjustable Height Desk

To feel the experience of customers, we went through two websites and read all the reviews to find, if there was anything unusual about the Tresanti desk. As a result, we found the below-mentioned reviews useful for you.

Amazon Reviews

On Amazon, we found a low number of reviews. But, most of the reviews are positive for this Tresanti 47″ adjustable height desk. In one review, we found it negative, due to delivery service. You can see yourself.

Postive amazon review

Postive review Amazon

Costco Reviews

This desk is sold on the Costco website in large numbers. We found some recent reviews and read all of them. Almost 80% of users have shared positive responses. However, there are a few customers, who found some negative issues.

Positive Costco review

postive review on costco

FAQs Related to Tresanti Adjustable Height desk

Is there wireless desktop charging?

Three devices may be charged and operated thanks to a desktop wireless charging station and two USB ports on the desk’s side. There’s no need to look around for where to plug devices because ports are positioned on the right side for convenient access. Furthermore, without the need to plug in a charger, outlet space on your wall or power strip is freed up.

What are the advantages of using a preset?

Thanks to three programmed settings, more than one person can discover their comfort zone with only a touch. First, anyone can see the precise height setting on the Illumitouch desktop display, which fades away after a few seconds of inactivity.

Is it the best choice for work at home?

If you’ve ever attempted to work at the dining room table, you know how difficult it is. Create an ergonomic workstation with a standing desk that can be adjusted to your preferred heights for both sitting and standing. You’ll be pleased you did it for your back and neck. And because this desk’s sleek, adaptable design fits in every house space, no matter which room serves as your home office, you’ll feel right at home.


This adjustable height desk punches above its weight at a reasonable price of roughly $329. It has an attractive modern look, particularly its prominent frosted glass top. Also, it is durable and solid due to its substantial base and frame.

In addition, it contains a drawer with ample storage space to tuck away some of your belongings. Also, it includes three USB connections means you can get a lot done with the desk, including charging your phone and other gadgets. However, be cautious when handling the glass. Make careful to look after it, and it will look after you.

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