Why Gasoline Is Still The Dominant Fuel Source

Written by admin on May 27, 2013

Even with the continued development of other renewable resources, gasoline is still the most dominant fuel source. Here are some reasons why gasoline is still the most popular fuel source.

Many people argue that the world is in dire need of implementing the use of other fuel sources. The reality is that gasoline is still the most readily available source of fuel. Although electric vehicles have made huge strides during the last few years, they still have a long ways to go before they are able take over the automotive industry. Furthermore, only a small percentage of the world’s power supply is derived from sources like wind turbines and solar panels.

Everyday, millions of people complain about the high cost of gasoline. Even so, gasoline is still cheaper to develop in comparison to other sources. The good news is that the cost of some of the renewable resources is starting to descend. In this world, money is still the primary motivator in the marketplace.

There are many people that prefer to use gasoline. For example, it will be hard to convince a muscle car enthusiast that an electric vehicle is just as fun to drive.

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