The 21st Century Politics Of Worldwide Gasoline Consumption

Written by admin on June 1, 2013

The 21st Century Politics Of Worldwide Gasoline Consumption

The Rise of Alternative Fuel Options
Not only are gas prices going up, but also they are one of the world’s most sought-after and dangerous commodities. Moreover, oil has been the leading culprit of previous wars and violence overseas. In addition, the world’s dependency of oil is a major global concern. On the one hand, oil is a leading contributor to global warming and climate change. On the other hand, oil is not a renewable resource. Therefore, there will come a time when countries around the world will be forced to shift their gaze towards a more sustainable and alternative fuel source.

Oil: A History of The Path of Destruction
Oil is leading the world into a dangerous spot. Therefore, many economists and environmental agencies have suggested resourceful plans for alternative energy sources. The goal is to move into an area of clean energy. This will depend on the world’s greater skills in environmental stewardship as well as provide innovative ways of green transportation. In other words, methods of public transportation and the world’s infrastructure will have to change in order to transition from dirty to clean energy sources.

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