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Hey, are you a passionate blogger? If you have a passion to write and want to develop skills in writing, then you are at the right place right now. Also, if you are looking for home decor write for us on our blog, then we are glad to accept your kindness towards submitting content and material to Decor Bug. We as a team welcome all the innovative copywriters who can provide value to our blog by contributing high-quality articles. So that our readers get more excited and find values in DecorBug.

Home decor write for us

Who can write for us Decor Bug?

Decor Bug specializes in the “Home Decor” niche. We as a team aim to provide values in our article to our readers that help in their daily home chores. Basically, there is an opportunity to submit content for all authors on our home decor blog, whether you are a professional writer or new in copywriting.

We assume that you just meet all the requirements to qualify your high-quality content on our home decor blog. Most importantly, our competitors are not welcomed on decorbug. We believe in providing value to our readers with our home improvement and home decor blog.

Why should you write for us Decor Bug?

Decor bug is a well-populated blog for quality home decorations, home furnishing, home improvement ideas, home products information. Through home decor write for us, we want to develop an SEO-optimized blog and reach great content to millions of our readers. Our weblog has millions of visitors from developed countries. Therefore, we strive to provide true well-researched content and to deliver valuable information to them.

write for us home decor

Moreover, through write for us is a great way to broaden your readership and advertise your content on any blog. If you are a beginner in the blogging field, then seeking Major Corporation through write for us can take your brand to next level and benefit in many ways.

Therefore, producing material for others by investing your time and money always returns several rewards for your business. Below are some pros that you will feel through our home decor write for us.

Increase online presence in home decor niche

Online presence in the selected discipline through write for us guest post is a quick way to establish your brand in the online market. Also, by having an online profile on several platforms, people start noticing you and the brand that you are presenting.

As for the Decor Bug, on average we deal with the 2k visitors daily related to the home decor niche. No doubt there are a lot of people who are searching for information related to the home niche. So, don’t be shy to pitch us through home decor write for us.

Improve rank on SERP

One of the most important benefits you get on your blog is the backlinks through our blog. Everyone knows that backlinks are a very crucial factor to increase their search credibility. “Write for us” is a great way to enhance the rank of blogs in search engines and even it may quickly leap your article above others as we do.

Enhance traffic through our home decor blog

Through guest writing on our home decor blog you can receive thousands of visitors via backlinks to your article published. However, we have only targeted traffic related to the only home niche. So, try to be specific with the target audience. Since your brand is promoted on our blog through writing guest posts, you can also easily gain more followers on your social media platforms.

Guidelines for Home Decor guest post

Decor bug team is glad to accept great content ideas that are really researched and not found anywhere. Also, our team is ready to assist our guests to write for us on our blog. Therefore, we have imposed some restrictions to maintain the quality of articles on our blog. Any content that is supposed to post by the decor bug team must have all points mentioned in the guidelines.

Guidelines for Guest Post Content

  • The length of the content must be over 800 words and up to 2000 words. Content must be accurate without any errors. The content outline matters a lot for good reading purposes. Also, mention the credit source, if there is any.
  • Most important content must be centered on the home niche. Otherwise, we will reject all the articles other than home decor and home improvement. Also, the article must not be focused on self-promotion.
  • For the reader’s attention, images and videos are mandatory. So provide at least one image material with content while sending guest posts and don’t break any copyrights.
  • Both do-follow and no-follow links on the same guest post is allowed. But we do not promote our rivals. Also, for SEO purposes, provide Meta Descriptions and target keywords.
  • Articles must be ended with short summary with a single paragraph to state your perspective.

Submission guidelines for Guest post

File formats: You can submit guest posts in any of the formats that allow us to cut and paste to post editor. However, we prefer word documents and google docs.

Submission modes: Primarily, we welcome all guest posts through emails in which you can attach the article or share the google doc URL as well.

Article formatting: Headings are must be properly formatted for readers to grab material. Also, don’t forget to mark the links to easily detect them.

Editorial point: Decor bug team has the right to modify the content as per the requirement. If needed we can edit the headers and content to maintain the quality of the guest post.

Topic Ideas Accepted for home decor write for us

  • Home Decor write for us
  • Home write for us
  • Home decor guest posts
  • Home products
  • Home decor ideas write for us
  • Write for us home and garden
  • Home appliance write for us
  • Reviews
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How to submit guest post on the Decor Bug?

You can first pitch us on the following email id to decide whether to submit the article or not. Our team will be glad to assist you through email if there is any query related to guest posts. If you are sure of the quality of the articles and meet all the guidelines, then you can send us the article directly.

For quick submission forward your article through given mail editors@decorbug.com and get your guest post live instantly on our blog as soon as we approve your submission.

In the case, if we are unable to approve your article and are not up to quality standards, your content will remain yours.

Final Statement

We receive a number of queries related to home decor write for us. Therefore, we appreciate your patience for the approval of our blog. Also, we are extremely thankful to those who come to us daily and contribute to our blog by giving their time and efforts.