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Healy4Governor.com is a collaborative effort to get the word out about all things related to the Healey for Governor Campaign. Due to Bob Healey’s principled decision not to accept money for his campaign, there is a heavy reliance on volunteers to get the word out. This has created a spontaneous eruption of ad hoc supporters and associated groups to help get Bob elected. Healey4Governor.com is the portal bringing all the various groups supporting the campaign together. The site also serves as a tool for disseminating information and resources to help get the word out.


Rhode Island is a beautiful state with proud citizens and a rich history, but our beloved state is in trouble. Rhode Islanders have been forced to deal with high unemployment, rising taxes, and falling property values, making life in our state a challenge. Our state government has failed to perform efficiently, nor demonstrate the ability to truly work in the best interest of Rhode Island taxpayers, and we are bearing the burden. We can no longer continue down the path of government bureaucracy and fiscal irresponsibility and expect our return to prominence to be handed to us. Rhode Island needs change, and the time for that change is now.

Rhode Island can return to a state of economic growth and prosperity. The journey will take hard work. It will take determination, and it will take time. The first step is casting your vote for Bob Healey as the next Governor of Rhode Island. Bob Healey has, and continues to demonstrate that he possesses an understanding of the challenges we face and practical solutions to address them.

We thank you for visiting our new site. We encourage you to explore the various pages, including Bob’s position papers, campaign journal, and the “ask Bob” page, where you can submit your own questions to be answered by Bob Healey, himself.

– The Healey4Governor.com Team

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