An Influencer Crowdfunding Campaign Like No Other

Influencer crowdfunding campaigns have become the new trend for raising awareness and funds for causes. Unlike any other campaign, the VIKTRE Challenge has attracted some of the most decorated athletes from several sports around the world. These global influencers have agreed to accept the VIKTRE Challenge and along with their fans, compete to raise money for a cause they are passionate about: Puerto Rico.

Instead of taking a general and broad approach, the intended impact of this campaign will focus specifically on restoring power to the island, which will provide access to several critical services including clean water, healthcare, schools and allowing businesses to re-open.

Fixing the Worst Power Outage in US History

Four months after Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico, more than half of its US citizens are still without electricity. This marks the worst power outage in US history. Experts are suggesting that moving from a centralized power system to solar energy would create a more modern and sustainable solution for Puerto Rico’s future. VIKTRE, its Athletes and the Foundation for Puerto Rico agree.

As part of a comprehensive project to fully restore energy to Puerto Rico, VIKTRE, the largest online platform for pro athletes, and the Foundation for Puerto Rico, a local non-profit driving smart infrastructure, are partnering to expand the implementation of solutions proven sustainable energy solutions by companies like Tesla and others into the island’s power grid.

In this collaborative effort, VIKTRE is mobilizing a passionate group of some of the most famous athletes in the world to lead a crowdfunding campaign, reaching hundreds of millions of their social followers. Proof points like the Del Niño Children’s Hospital partially powered by Tesla, and was installed in less than two weeks, are needed at scale and are desired outcomes of this partnership. The funds will be used to build three types of solar solutions: humanitarian, community-based and commercial. Crucial projects such as hospitals, water pumps, community centers, schools, wastewater treatment plants, and elderly care centers, will be able to receive power and a permanent off the grid solar solution thanks to people like you.

All of the funds raised by the VIKTRE Challenge - Power For Puerto Rico will go to the Foundation for Puerto Rico, which will ensure the most efficient and impactful on-the- ground management for these type of sustainable energy solutions. The first dollars will be used to immediately transform existing solutions like Del Niño Children’s Hospital to permanent installations. As more money is raised, funding will be used to build additional solar capacity on the island for both commercial and community-based applications.

Foundation For Puerto Rico’s History and Focus Shift

Founded by Jon Borschow in 2011, the Foundation for Puerto Rico’s (FPR) mission was to help Puerto Rico reach its social and economic potential. The main focus was to promote an economy fueled by tourism and business travel, supporting innovation, and attracting talent towards the island.

That focus changed abruptly when Hurricane Maria struck the island in September. The Foundation concentrated all of its efforts to provide relief and assistance to the island and victims of Hurricane Maria while at the same time establishing the Foundation as a key liaisons for U.S. based organizations trying to help Puerto Rico.

To date, the Foundation has been able to assist over 200,000 victims of Hurricane Maria. They have been able to provide the essential tools to quickly and effectively jumpstart local economic activity in specific areas such as offering cash grants, solar powered lights, water filters and satellite connectivity to zones that still lack connectivity for them to be able to process debit/credit card transactions.

Given the Foundation of Puerto Rico’s dedication for turning devastation into resiliency, and VIKTRE’s mission for helping athletes take action on social and humanitarian issues, the two groups are in perfect alignment to have collective impact, and drive what could potentially be the most successful fundraising campaign for Puerto Rico to date.

This is YOUR opportunity to join your favorite athletes in this challenge. Pick a team. Give to the cause. Help bring power back to Puerto Rico.