A Story of True Love (6 Book Series)

 You are about to begin a classic love story with a modern day twist. 

(FlashDance + Pretty Woman meets Fifty Shades of Grey.) 

Each full-length novel has a unique storyline and takes place in its own unique setting.

The entire romance series follows one couple on an unforgettable journey of true love and is packed with heart, humor and steamy heat!

There is no cheating and no deceiving, but there is scandal, and there are secrets! 

Each novel ends with a happily ever after, but it is Siri's Saga, so there are some unresolved storyline issues until the last page is turned.

I hope you enjoy my creation and it gives you all the feels.

Be unforgettable, always ~ Cindee Bartholomew

Looking For Love (Siri's Saga Book 1)

My name is Maximus Aurelius Moore.

I'm an Alabamian, an Apache pilot, and an heir to an Italian fortune.

I've managed to keep that last part a secret and therefore managed to keep my life under control, but when I take an unscheduled business trip to Vegas to scout out the talent at Been Jammin', my orderly world is turned upside down.
Seary's the headlining entertainer, and the second I see her, I know I'm in serious trouble.

She boldly bounces onto the stage to perform for a crowd of drunken fools, but her graceful movement belies her occupation and I recognize a gifted and talented dancer before me.

She moves with the elegance and poise of someone who could, and probably should, be dancing on a larger, grander scale. 

She is perfection in motion.  

I sit motionless, completely spellbound and locked down tight in my seat, not wanting to miss a thing. 

Appreciating that every moving part of her beautiful body is in total rhythm to the beat.

Right down to the smallest nuance of the melody. 

She is incredible.  

This has NEVER happened to me before!

I have never lost my shit over a woman and I certainly don't need to lose it over a stripper.  
But she's lit an undeniable flame of passion. 

Can I extinguish it before it consumes me? 

Or will I give in to this burning desire and jeopardize everything?

Finding Love (A Story of True Love Book 2)
By Cindee Bartholomew

Imagine my shock when I see the only woman I've ever wanted walk across the parking lot in my hometown.

My eyes follow her like a hawk hunting its prey. I can literally taste her sweet southern sexiness.
Problem solved! She is not untouchable here!
Oh, no! She is definitely going to be touched!
I need a new game plan....

The handsome hunk, Mr. Moore, that has moved into 9G down the hall called me Wild Thang. 

He has no idea just how true that is! 
It's going to be hard not to show the "Golden God" that side of me, but if I want to find out if this crazy chemistry between us is something more than just sexual tension, I have to go slow.

Tease him, but not please him.
Simple strategy. Teasing is what I do best, after all. 
I can do it, right? I can control my Wild Thang. 

Falling In Love (A Story of True Love Book 3)
By Cindee Bartholomew

Aurelius Moore is everything I’ve dreamed of. I’m so happy! 

Today, we are going to his farm to ride horses with his Baby Sister.

I’m nervous but excited too. 

Then tonight, we’re going on a date! He’s taking me to his stomping ground,

The Stallion, a local bar. I can’t wait to meet his buddies.

The ones he grew up with and know him better than anyone.

I’m going to learn so much more about Moore.

Plus, there will be dancing!

I’ve promised him I won’t dance too sexy. I can do that.


It’s going to be a great day! What can possibly go wrong?

Learning To Love (Siri's Saga Book 4)
By Cindee Bartholomew

ROME! Glorious Rome! The Eternal City! I'm so stoked to be here with Aurei.

He is taking me shopping then we are going sightseeing. He says he has a surprise for me. Fun times!

I’m really looking forward to learning more about him too.

He’s starting to confess and despite the fact that his life really IS complicated, (Sweet Zeus, is it ever!)

I still don’t believe his secrets are dark. Not too dark for me, anyway.

I’m confident my wildness can handle his thunderous side. We are perfectly matched like that.

Extreme personalities, but extremely disciplined. 

Surely, we won’t lose control of ourselves. 
Surely, it won’t turn dangerous. 
Surely, we got this, right?