detroit shoreway

Through collaboration, Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization guides the physical, economic and social development of the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood toward an improved quality of life.

Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization acts as a catalyst for community building resulting in a diverse, sustainable and desirable neighborhood in which to live, work, play and shop.

Between 1854 and 1894, what now is known as the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood was absorbed by the City of Cleveland through the annexations of Ohio City, Brooklyn Township and the Village of West Cleveland. Read More DSCDO History »

  • We embrace our community diversity.
  • We value historic preservation and our neighborhood heritage.
  • We seek participation and representation, valuing the diverse opinions, opportunities and solutions for neighborhood enrichment.
  • We foster risk taking, creativity and innovation.
  • We incorporate ecological design to protect the environment and create a healthy and sustainable community.
  • We strive to maintain a mixed income population in our neighborhood and are committed to providing affordable housing.
  • We value members of the faith-based community as important partners.
  • We value professional development of staff.
  • We are accountable to residents, funders and each other.
  • We are advocates for the alleviation of poverty and social justice.
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