Runner's World Exclusive Offer! 30% Off, Plus FREE Shipping! Click here!In 2007, Alberto Salazar's heart stopped beating... for 14 minutes.
His chances of suffering a massive heart attack seemed remote. He was Alberto Salazar, after all, three-time New York Marathon winner. And then he died.
When you go out for a run, you expect to come back.

  Running is healthy. It makes your body and mind feel good. You’re no couch potato. You don’t smoke. You eat healthy. You are a runner, and you are doing everything right for your good health.

And yet every year thousands of seemingly healthy people — from high school football players to adult recreational athletes — die from cardiac arrest. Legendary marathoner Alberto Salazar was one of them — he was clinically dead for 14 minutes.
After more than 5 minutes without a pulse, one can expect brain damage. After 10 minutes without a fresh supply of blood to the brain, you die — at least 99 percent of people do. But Salazar didn’t. He walked away — saved by an inexplicable combination of science and grace.
Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you making every day count?
In his fascinating memoir, 14 Minutes, Salazar shares his lessons from a life of running and what 14 minutes of death taught him about second chances. It’s a rich life story chronicling Salazar’s tempestuous relationship with his father, a former friend of Fidel Castro; his high school years training with the legendary Greater Boston Track Club; his unhealthy obsession to train through pain; and his dramatic wins in New York, Boston, and South Africa, all set against the backdrop of the history of the late-’70s running boom and the colorful races of the next four decades.
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World Record: 14 Minutes
  14 Minutes is an inspirational account of a man who has fought with the Grim Reaper and won. Since he put on his first pair of running shoes, Alberto Salazar has been defying the odds. Through his memoir, people have the privilege to get to know this truly great man and walk away with a renewed appreciation for life.”

  Lance Armstrong,
cancer survivor and seven-time
Tour de France champion

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Massive coronaries can happen even to those who would seem to be the most heart-healthy people on the planet — runners. As Alberto Salazar found out that fateful day in 2007, the imponderable, which plays a key role in the science of distance running, also plays a role in sudden cardiac arrest. Now healthy again and training world-class distance runners, Salazar encourages all athletes to visit their doctors for regular checkups, know heart-attack warning signs, and listen to their bodies.

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Legendary marathoner Alberto Salazar's second life began without a pulse.
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